Naggy McGee's and open mics

My Dave and I went to Naggy McGee's Wednesday night. It was great fun, except for the part where I always feel, on an open mike night, that I'm singing to myself. Of course, part of what you go to an open mike for is to meet other musicians, which I did. In doing so, I found, once again, that we really live in an amazingly creative community. It also struck me how much you can tell about a person through the songs they choose. One guy did a complete harmonica and guitar set. I know, from that short set, that he likes Gordon Lightfoot and is probably about my age, since the music he did included mostly music from my growing years.


Listening to him sing so many numbers I have covered over the course of a rather long music career made me wonder why I'm always seeking something other than the known quantity. However, that, too, goes to personality. The longest job I ever had was one as a medical transcriptionist. Like music, the job was ever-changing. There were new procedures, so I never got bored. I like trying new things, learning new things. Occasionally, I love singing an old standard. There may be no other way to express what I feel, but overall, I like writing my own stuff and performing what I write. I love having a style that sounds like a cross between Carlos Santana and Ren Faire musicians on steroids, with a little new age, world, and jazz tossed in for flavor (toss in a pot, mix well, and here's to your health). 


Returning to the musicians on Wednesday, I learned that Zolopht and The Destroyers were nothing like I expected. Nice harmonies with a fantastic violin line, and yet these kids were also affected by The Beatles, as they covered "While my Guitar Gently Weeps." Talented young men. I liked them. The quality of their work indicated fine musicianship. I even asked the violinist, Ian, if he might consider recording something on one of my songs on the new album--perhaps "There was a Lady." 


Most of all, I learned that, whether I want to or not, my job is to get out among my fellow musicians again. I have to return to the musical trenches, so that my newly-formed band can bring the sound I hear in my head to life. I also want to make sure I support all the musicians out there who feel like I do from time-to-time, that they are musical wallpaper. Often, it isn't until much later that someone will come up and let us know how much they enjoyed a song. That happened on Wednesday night, as a girl came up and told me how much she loved our song "True Love." My heart was grateful because the acoustics in that pub (which is lovely, by the way) eat the diction, and I wasn't completely sure (even using diction that made me feel like anyone near me might need a towel) if anyone could really understand what I was saying. So I say thank you to that sweet young lady, as well as to Toni, for being such wonderful audience members!   

I will tell you that, in general, schmoozing is a difficult thing for this dweller in the night. I put on a good party face, but if you listen to The Nightbird sing, you'll discover a being who loves solitude, darkness under the trees, with the haunting rhythmic melodies sung by the wind, accompanied by the rhythmic singing of frogs and toads. I really do love a quiet dance in the moonlight, followed by the touch of my lover's lips and arms.There is an assumption that if one likes the stage, one must love the limelight always. I've found this not to be completely true. We who come alive on the stage often find the stage gives us a place to be our hidden selves--the extrovert within. The me onstage is not the me offstage. One is "The Nightbird." The other is simply Susan. Here's to merry meetings with other fantastic musicians!! And here's a special hello to James Williams who is facilitating the open mike nights. He is a catalyst for music, and therefore, a true musical hero. I enjoyed finally meeting him!   

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