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Anyone who has followed me for very long knows that I have been a solo singer for a very long time. It was with slight trepidation, coupled with joy, that I set out to find people who might like to expand the sound of "The Nightbird." I knew that, because I play several instruments, including hand percussion, and can harmonize, I can do most of the CD work. However, I have invited several musicians to add their voices and instruments to my own. I could hurry the product, simply because I recorded what were basically my musical thoughts about how I wanted the song to go, or I could include the musicians voices.

To some people, this might seem easy, but my experience with previous band members was a decided lack of agreement on where we were going. Plus, I ran into the familiar syndrome--that's the syndrome where the musician can tell you exactly who else they sound like, and beyond that, have no vision of who they are. You know the ones--I sound just like Lynard Skynard or The Beatles or Heart. I met a musician who could play you some "Cream" and make you long for coffee. These same people, however, when asked what they sounded like, could not tell you because they had no voice of their own. People who fall into this category simply don't know how to sound like themselves.

I've met a lot of people like those listed above. When handing them my music, they immediately want to sing something else. So I went solo. Now, however, I have what I've always dreamed of--creators--people who sound authentically themselves, people willing to create within my creation, lovers of The Nightbird. Tonight, I reached a crossroads. Do I honor these wonderful people's desire to be part of my dream? Do I go back in and re-record these tracks to show their voices, even if the worst happens and, for some reason, I lose one of these fantastic players. I pondered a bit, since I had been asked to ponder. However, for me, someone who has worked for as a vocal coach for all of my adult life, assisting people to find their authentic voices, there was only one answer--not just yes! But hell, yes!! My voice joins them in song every time we step on stage. I want their beautiful voices to join me on the CD we're creating, as well. A CD I think I'm going to call (and I didn't get the name until just now!!) "The Nightbird Unbound."

That feels right. It feels wonderful. We (wow, We!) will be looking to put the first CD out November 2011. I'm excited.

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