The Bee Song and Other Thoughts

I've just recently written a song called "The Bee Song." I love it!! It's about bees, some of my favorite fuzzy creatures. I was outside in my garden and saw the bees loving up on my pumpkin flowers. It was beautiful, and since I went for a couple years with only paper wasps to fertilize my plants, I'm very grateful for their fuzzy buzzy butts. I think we should all be grateful. I know people who now have beehives in their yards. I haven't yet, but it's mainly because I would be afraid I couldn't take care of them. (I do have a bat box--no bats, but I'm trying).

My band, however, looks at me funny because I want to sing it all the time!! There will always be, within This Nightbird the joy of innocence. I have a Kitty-Cat song, a Bee Song, and I once wrote a song called Lizard (that particular song I never sing. I've never quite gotten it to be....singable? But it is part of me, the joy of simple songs. I love my dark songs, love them, but because I love children, flowers, and...yes.....bees...I will always write and sing songs like "The Bee Song," or "Sing Down the Moon" (there are people who think that one is about the Wiccan idea of pulling down the moon. It wasn't, exactly, I wrote it for some children because I was telling them a lovely story about a little girl who was given the moon on a necklace to make her better. I also wrote it because I love dancing outside in the moonlight all alone on a warm Colorado night. 

To finish this out, I'm telling everyone, if you are somewhere I'm playing ask me about "The Bee Song." It'll make my band laugh (and they buzz as part of it:). So let's play! I believe if I ever grow to old to sing songs about bees, ladybugs, and flowers, it will be time for this Nightbird to go rest permanently under a tree. My mother loved singing, singing about silly things and serious things. She was never too old for "Bill Grogan's Goat," actually something my cousin Rosalie asks me to sing whenever I see her (I've been singing that one since I can remember). I'll sing that one too--if you ask me.

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