Created as a reflection of Sunlight, sometimes tinged with sadness, again this has Celtic-style songs in a folk style accompanied mostly by guitar. It starts with "I Am," a celebration of oneness with the great "I Am," starting with, "Storm forms the earth and the earth forms in me, I am a child of the wind." I hope you enjoy and celebrate, as I do. The first public place it was ever performed, however, was for a funeral. The family wanted a song of celebration, as his life had been, and when I sang this to them, they especially loved the part that says, I connect with her" (the earth) "deep and grow strong. From her breast I arose, and her arms shall enfold at the end when I'm done with my song." It is the only time I have ever been asked to play the song again afterwards for just the family. It was my pleasure. I hope it brings you peace and surrounds you with joy. Next comes "For my Children," written for my son and daughter. This came into being year my son graduated high school. "Come child, come take my hand, and walk with me through life's hot dusty sands." I wanted him to know that no matter how far he traveled, he would always be in my heart as my child. I actually had to record it on a tape player and play for him that year because I could not sing it to him without crying knowing he was going straight from my arms into the military, far far away. He had actually had his 18th birthday in boot camp. We both cried as we watched him fly away. Then we repeated the process 3 years later with our daughter. They are far from me, but strong and beautiful people. Let me know if this speaks to you. I encourage you to share it with your children, and may you remember, as I try to, that often it's "only through life's bitter pain you learn." Number 3, is "Missing" written by me about my brother, Ted, performed for his funeral. It was written to ease my and my family's pain on losing him so young at 49, a victim of, as we believe, Agent Orange, that he was exposed to in Vietnam (of course, the government would not admit culpability). He lost his liver to a rare form of disease that hardened it into a rock. He did get new liver but the medicine to keep the liver weakened him enough that it compromised his heart, and he died when his heart stopped. It has over 8 years nows now, but the pain is still fresh. I put it on this CD seeking to help others with their loss. I became even more poignant when a friend of mine lost her son to suicide and I gave this to her to ease her loss. Nothing can completely erase pain, but I hope this song finds you if you need it. Please write me if you find help for your heart. I will write you back. "We are the Same" was written about the homeless, which I am afraid in our economy there may be so many more of. I saw an old man one winter here, huddled with a blanket over him, standing next to the road, looking haunted. His face cried to me of his being a child at one time, having a family, a wife, and the loss of all of these things and how close all of us are to being that man. This is my daughter's favorite song. I know all the stories about how many of the homeless chose to stay there, and I have, since this was written, seen this as a truth, on helping out someone who was homeless who just sabotaged all help, but I know that something had broken in him, and we too, with just the wrong turn in the road, could be just as broken. I just met a man recently who was okay, a hard-working man with his own home, but who crushed his vertebra, wound up in a bad divorce, then another bad relationship (she took his home), and now he is on the street. He is several years younger than I, but looked almost 10 years older. I now worry, as so much is stacked against him, and once again, it was brought home to me that, as in my song, "We are the same, you and I, as we walk under the same blue sky, crying tears when there's pain, we are the same." "Wind Song" is dedicated to a band named "Wind Song" and the feeling of resting upon green grass in the glorious spring and summer listening as the music sweeps you up and carries you to other worlds. The next song, "David's Song," is dedictated to my husband, as I dreamed about a time when knights rode on great horses, when there was always a hero to come and carry you away from a feeling of being "chained, alone, and broken-hearted," to "ride through the surf and sand, flirting with the sun." "The Fruita Song of Magical Mysterious Things," was written for the children of Fruita and named by them, but it sings of the magic found in books that takes on paths of greatness, fantasy, fear, joy, and simply lets us get out of ourselves--a fun song for all ages. "The Knight in Dented Green Armor" is for my husband, the "Knight with dark and silver hair." It came from a moment when my car was driving funny and I called home to tell my honey. My kids said he had gone to the store. I told them to have him watch for me, as I tried to bring the car home. On my way, here came my Knight in our Dented Lime-green 1964 Chevy pickup to rescue me, and thus was born The Knight in Dented Green armor :). Also, taste "Siren Song," a favorite of my friend Rochelle. It actually got added later, as a gift to her, who has a been a fan from the beginning of The Nightbird's run. The song is loosely based on the idea of the sirens singing to Odysseus. To hear them was to hear the most beautiful song in the world, so beautiful that on hearing it, you would forget to steer the ship and crash upon their island. Listening to a different kind of siren one morning on the way to work made me wonder if perhaps the sirens still sing, in the cold velvet of the morning, enchanting lovers with the sounds of the sea. "Wishes" will spin your dreams to life, written originally for children at Mt. Garfield Middle School for them to sing, knowing that they can dream things into reality. Often as adults we feel our dreams are gone, this says "I too will dream, free as you seem." May you all dare to dream, as you listen to this music, and let your dreams truly bring you back to life. In "Children of the Dawn," written after seeing a flight of birds (afterwards found to be starlings--not pretty birds) take off as dawn touched the horizon. They then made beautiful patterns in the sky that looked like a worship of life, the arrival of the light, and pure joy of flight. In the song it says, "why do we not rejoice with them and fly on wings of "Children of the Dawn."

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