Good crew it's cool :)
Hello to members of this site please to have joined your forum.
In this reply/comment. I want to send a thank you out to all of you who have written kind comments, and even the ones that say not-so-nice ones. The majority encourage me to keep on keeping on. May you all walk in beauty. Special thanks to Roseinella. I appreciate listeners like you, as well. To AdultAngel, I hope the upcoming marriage (I would guess that is what you are referring to) is beautiful and magical. Thanks again to all of you. I will be doing my best to come n here more often and check your posts. To me, they are music.
Once again, I find the morningbird has been here and I thank you for your kind words--once again. You are so poetic. I hope you bring that poetry into life, rejoicing, as the moonlight rejoices on a clear night looking down from on high. See, you have inspired me once more :) I am working on new music. It has been slow, since I have a wounded arm (or wing, perhaps). I have all the makings for a studio and am hoping that the next music will be more developed than my first 2 CDs. Once again, I send my love out to all of you who visit my site. I am in the process, once again, of figuring out what I want to be when I grow up :) I think this is an ongoing process, involving myriad changes, as different and beautiful as a rainbow, with every shimmering color competing for its moment in our lives. But always, my joy, my completeness is driven by my art. I am hoping that my next stage will bring hope to others and completeness to my soul.
Nightbird, Your tender words of gratitude and encouragement brought glistening tears to my eyes. Alas, the hope you have decreed upon me has lifted the wings of my soul. Many a long night I have spent searching for the fainest glimmer of hope. Your sweet words are like the brightest sun appearing suddenly in the midnight sky. All darkness departs! Often discouragement burns me like a fiery brimstone, but your words have allowed me to transform my despair into an everlasting force that drives me through the night and into the morn. Truly, I feel as though my aerie comes by means of your music. I'm filled with unspeakable joy knowing that you, my dear friend, found your aerie and the strengh you need to continue to encompass the world with your melodies and mystical wonders. Oh, how my heart roared with rejoicing; like a valiant dragon who has found her lost eggs. The eggs are your music, so fragile but full of life! Vibrant and radiant life! Indeed, those precious eggs are more valuable than all the gems and jewels the world has to offer. Now that I have been revived by your awe inspiring example, I feel as though a fairie has taken refuge in my heart and it's gentle flutterings speak a language only you and I understand. If there is one word you take from this entry, Nightbird, it is INSPIRATION!!! Keep inspiring the world with the gift of song and dance, and never stop believing in the power of the fairie that flutters eternally in our souls. Hark, the angel of slumber calls and I must yield to her gentle lullaby. I will rest with your music woven into the tapestry of my dreams. Your dedicated admirer, The Morningbird
hi nice site thx
cool post dude
In a week it's "'Til death do us part."
I'm so happy that I can found artists like u...Keep up the good work Lady!
To The Morningbird. What Beauty you wrote, and it now inspires me. I have been away from my website too long. I shall keep you in my thoughts as you find your greatness. Keep looking and singing your tunes. Thanks to all who visited this nightbird. I apologize to all my fans for my absence. I have needed to retreat to my Aerie and find healing.
Nightbird, I understand that you heal the ailments of the soul through your songs. Tis truly a gift that you can reach in one's soul and grasp one's heart with one glorious note. I aspire to soar to heights that you have flown to. On my darkest morning, you are the light that inspires me to sing again. If I dare compare myself to the beauty that escapes from your crimson lips, I fear that I shall wither away like a suckling babe away from it's mother's breast. In my heart, I know my quest to battle for greatness like yours shall be filled with thorns and briars. I will not give up! Forgive me, but I feel I must remain annoymous. My feelings are such that I cannot reveal them to the world, but I will always remain yours like a phantom in the night. I am chained to your music eternally. I feel our souls are one! Yours indubetibally, The Morningbird

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