Nightbird fans now "The Flock"

One of our longstanding fans (or long sitting sometimes:), the Shamus, upon discussion of what we should call The Nightbird fans, suggested "The Flock," since members of the band are simply Nightbirds. He said, "that way, when you guys are finished playing, someone could say, 'come on, let's get The Flock out of here.'" I loved it, loved it, especially since most of my life I have been the accidental double-meaning person (onstage, at home, probably asleeep:). Most people think I do it on purpose, but no....I just seem to have the ability to misspeak, inevitably turning myself quite pink--without the aid of sunshine. Therefore, the idea of The Nightbird's fans being "The Flock" has a kind of delicious irony. Things like, "Calm The Flock Down," takes on a wicked flavor. Then there's, What "The Flock? As you can see, I could go on and on, but don't think I need to, since every single Nightbird fan I've ever known has been wickedly intelligent, quick on the verbal trigger, and know how to take a joke....and...well...twist it like a pretzel. By the way, a final word? I do love "The Flock" out of all y'all!! Susan Cypher/The Nightbird

Once a Solo, now a 6-piece Band

Susan has been joined by a group of people to form a new entity--Susan Cypher and The Nightbird Band.Work on the newest CD of The Nightbird's music proceeded apace this summer and will continue through the fall, with hopes to bring out the new CD by Christmas. It may even be that we will release each song by itself for download, only compiling a full CD after the individual songs are out online. It amazes me that we have the ability to do this these days. We will also be working toward more concert-style events, with a goal of doing fund-raising for different charities we each hold dear. I also have a personal goal of doing a better job of letting all of you know what we are doing these days--especially since it is now WE!!


Okay. Many of you know that I have a lot of friends among the belly dancers in Grand Junction. I also have a history in dance myself, recently choreographing sacred dance when I was at Religious Science. Since that time though, I have not been able to get to my dance, working, working, working. However, in April, a friend of mine, owner of Planet Earth, told me that Tribal Fusion belly dance here had started having classes on a night I could get to. With the stress of the fight with the insurance company, I decided to jump in with both feet (well first I went to a Hoffla), so I started going to class. I love this particular style of belly dance, and love best that while I am there, nothing else exists. It takes me out of my problems. Most recently, I was told that I could no longer do my job, not until I have surgery. I had been working part-time, but the pain from hand got so severe that I had to stop completely, until I have surgery. Typing in this journal, I am having to do left-handed hunt-and-peck style of work. By the way, the insurance company I am fighting is saying that this is not from typing ridiculous amounts of lines--oh no--it is from the small amount of music I get to do. This is amazing. I want to know when our time off became their time. Anyway, back to tribal fusion. This is mad great. I am enjoying it. I get to wear gorgeous clothes. I feel better, and am sure this will help with my core strength. I have performed twice with them, as well, and love it, love it, love it. You know that any future bit Nightbird production will be featuring these lovely dance sisters. I love having sisters again. My job is so cut off from humanity--something I also don't think is good for me. Dance on all of you, whatever makes you soul sing.

Playing with others, missing in action

Well, this last year I have not been very active, thinking and rethinking what is to come next for The Nightbird and The Owl. I got to perform this last winter and recently just this last weekend with another musician, Ron Standing, an amazing flautist. I also got to perform with a lead guitarist and have been approached by a bass player at Earth Day. I am seriously considering adding to the personnel of this group, so that I can see my dream of a huge stage show with chocolate and music come true. In the meantime, please keep me in your light and prayers. I have carpal tunnel syndrome, fairly bad in my right hand. The doctors have recommended surgery and I am having to rest it--a lot, so it has slowed me down considerably. (In case you wondered where I went). Fear not, this Nightbird is going to keep on flying as soon as I get my wings fixed. (I am sorry to say that I am finding out that worker's comp means nothing apparently and is not truly for the workers, even when your boss wants you to be fixed, they don't care and block you at every turn. I can't believe it. I have a LAWYER, groan). In the meantime, keep flying and keep the silvery moonlight on your path. In joy and peace, knowing the outcome will be right. Susan Cypher, The Nightbird

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