Okay. Many of you know that I have a lot of friends among the belly dancers in Grand Junction. I also have a history in dance myself, recently choreographing sacred dance when I was at Religious Science. Since that time though, I have not been able to get to my dance, working, working, working. However, in April, a friend of mine, owner of Planet Earth, told me that Tribal Fusion belly dance here had started having classes on a night I could get to. With the stress of the fight with the insurance company, I decided to jump in with both feet (well first I went to a Hoffla), so I started going to class. I love this particular style of belly dance, and love best that while I am there, nothing else exists. It takes me out of my problems. Most recently, I was told that I could no longer do my job, not until I have surgery. I had been working part-time, but the pain from hand got so severe that I had to stop completely, until I have surgery. Typing in this journal, I am having to do left-handed hunt-and-peck style of work. By the way, the insurance company I am fighting is saying that this is not from typing ridiculous amounts of lines--oh no--it is from the small amount of music I get to do. This is amazing. I want to know when our time off became their time. Anyway, back to tribal fusion. This is mad great. I am enjoying it. I get to wear gorgeous clothes. I feel better, and am sure this will help with my core strength. I have performed twice with them, as well, and love it, love it, love it. You know that any future bit Nightbird production will be featuring these lovely dance sisters. I love having sisters again. My job is so cut off from humanity--something I also don't think is good for me. Dance on all of you, whatever makes you soul sing.

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