Nightbird fans now "The Flock"

One of our longstanding fans (or long sitting sometimes:), the Shamus, upon discussion of what we should call The Nightbird fans, suggested "The Flock," since members of the band are simply Nightbirds. He said, "that way, when you guys are finished playing, someone could say, 'come on, let's get The Flock out of here.'" I loved it, loved it, especially since most of my life I have been the accidental double-meaning person (onstage, at home, probably asleeep:). Most people think I do it on purpose, but no....I just seem to have the ability to misspeak, inevitably turning myself quite pink--without the aid of sunshine. Therefore, the idea of The Nightbird's fans being "The Flock" has a kind of delicious irony. Things like, "Calm The Flock Down," takes on a wicked flavor. Then there's, What "The Flock? As you can see, I could go on and on, but don't think I need to, since every single Nightbird fan I've ever known has been wickedly intelligent, quick on the verbal trigger, and know how to take a joke....and...well...twist it like a pretzel. By the way, a final word? I do love "The Flock" out of all y'all!! Susan Cypher/The Nightbird

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