Playing with others, missing in action

Well, this last year I have not been very active, thinking and rethinking what is to come next for The Nightbird and The Owl. I got to perform this last winter and recently just this last weekend with another musician, Ron Standing, an amazing flautist. I also got to perform with a lead guitarist and have been approached by a bass player at Earth Day. I am seriously considering adding to the personnel of this group, so that I can see my dream of a huge stage show with chocolate and music come true. In the meantime, please keep me in your light and prayers. I have carpal tunnel syndrome, fairly bad in my right hand. The doctors have recommended surgery and I am having to rest it--a lot, so it has slowed me down considerably. (In case you wondered where I went). Fear not, this Nightbird is going to keep on flying as soon as I get my wings fixed. (I am sorry to say that I am finding out that worker's comp means nothing apparently and is not truly for the workers. Even when your boss wants you to be fixed, they don't care and block you at every turn. I can't believe it. I have a LAWYER, groan). In the meantime, keep flying and keep the silvery moonlight on your path. In joy and peace, knowing the outcome will be right. Susan Cypher, The Nightbird

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